Individual Tree Detection

Surveyor 1:  – “What about the last two in the middle?”
Surveyor 2: – “Oh, definitely two individual trees”
Tree 1: – “Idiots!”
Tree 2: – “I know, right?”

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Targeted Crime

– “The police said the community is not in danger because it was a targeted incident.”
– “Yeah… I feel so much better knowing we are not in danger, but there are targets moving around our community.”

“Yes,That’s Nice”

– “I’ve learned that the best way is to nod, smile and say “Yes, that’s nice” when you don’t understand what the other person said… Unfortunately, it doesn’t work all the time.”

– “Looks like Frank got diagnosed with Cancer…”
– “Yes, that’s nice”

– “I think my wife is cheating on me.”
– “Yes, that’s nice”

Human World: The Racist World


– “Interesting how humans are so scared nowadays about saying anything that might sound remotely racist.”
– “They think that by not saying out loud makes them less racist. Can you imagine if there was a device to read minds. It would be interesting times for the meaning of the word ‘normal’ ”