“Yes,That’s Nice”

– “I’ve learned that the best way is to nod, smile and say “Yes, that’s nice” when you don’t understand what the other person said… Unfortunately, it doesn’t work all the time.”

– “Looks like Frank got diagnosed with Cancer…”
– “Yes, that’s nice”

– “I think my wife is cheating on me.”
– “Yes, that’s nice”

Human World: The Racist World


– “Interesting how humans are so scared nowadays about saying anything that might sound remotely racist.”
– “They think that by not saying out loud makes them less racist. Can you imagine if there was a device to read minds. It would be interesting times for the meaning of the word ‘normal’ ”


The Hiring Process …


– ” What were your duties at your previous job? “
-“Trying to decipher what the boss meant in his emails…”
-” What were your duties at your previous job? “
-“Trying to identify all the info the boss forgot to mention in the projects…”
-” What were your duties at your previous job? “
-“I was the one they blamed for any shit that went wrong… even though I wasn’t involved in the projects.”

‘Human Research’


– “After years of research, the results are quite disappointing. They love breaking the rules and the law. They also love living in disagreement, in segregation, in war… they hate each other. Not even “massaging” the data will help us here. I guess the conclusion is quite clear…”

– “Yep… Disconnect and let’s start from scratch. Make sure you throw the previous methodology in the garbage. Also, exclude that silly thing about dinosaurs …”

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